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Christian Fellowship is part of the spiritual nurture unit that is largely led by CF (Christian Fellowship) Council as guided by Chaplaincy Department. It is composed of 13 members. Membership into it is open to all KeMU students on session and ready to be committed to CF activities in adherence to CF constitution, policy and University regulations.

The following programs are led by the CF Council and take place on daily basis encompassing several students in various ministries, namely: Discipleship on Tuesday, Prayer and fasting on Wednesday, Mentorship (Anza Fit) on Thursday, Bible studies that take place on Fridays and Sundays, and songs/music practice and Christian movies on Saturdays.

Council Members

Josiah Njoroge

Faith Awour

Patricia Obinda

Mike Kasina

Sally Mwikali
Praise and Worship Coordinator

Chrispine Odour
Prayer Coordinator

Timothy Odhiambo
Bible Study Coordinator

Tony Nyongesa
Ushering Chairperson

Joanna Sitati
Library Coordinator

John Amuma
Mission Coordinator

Ryan Gigi
Creative Ministry Coordinator

Edna Syombua
Sunday School Coordinator

Felly Jerotich
IT Ministry Coordinator