Department of Education

The Department of Education is well equipped with exemplary teaching staff. It also has a steady foundation based on a curriculum that offers all students knowledge and expertise that is efficient and effective in teaching. The students are well prepared to join their line of career as qualified and valuable professionals.

Career Options

After successful completion in the programs offered in this department, graduates have a chance to join the vast industry and venture into most if not all the opportunities this field has to offer.

The following are some of the places that offer career opportunities in this field of study:

• Academic Institutions
• Media Houses
• Research Institutes
• School Administrators
• Social worker Careers
• Corporate Training Centers

The following are some job titles the graduates can acquire in this field of career:

• Training and Development Specialist
• Writer
• Lecturer
• Teacher
• Editor
• Private Tutors
• Management Jobs
• Researcher

Our Faculty

Dr. Severina Mwirichia, PhD

Dr. Severina M. Mwirichia, PhD

Chair, Department of Education

– Kenya Methodist University (PLEM), KeMU, 2014 – 2017
– Master of Education in Leadership and Education Management (MELM), KeMU, 2009 – 2011
– B. Ed. and Counselling in Special Needs Education (B.ED, SNE) KeMU, 2005 – 2008

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Mr. Benjamin Harun Mwandoe Mwawasi, Lecturer, Department of Education

Mr. Benjamin Harun Mwandoe Mwawasi

Lecturer and Coordinator, Department of Education
+(254)748-414998; EXT:

– M.Ed (Curriculum Studies) Kenyatta University; Kenya
– B.Ed (Arts) Hons. Kenyatta University Kenya
– Certificate Course on Education on Emergencies, United Nations University of Peace, Costa Rica

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