Department of Pharmacy
Meru (Main)
School of Medicine and Health Sciences
5 Years

Bachelor of pharmacy at Kenya Methodist University is an innovative program that incorporates the contemporary philosophy of pharmaceutical care and medication therapy management as key components of the mission of the practice of pharmacy. The program was established in 2012 and is one of the courses offered at the KeMU School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Main Campus. The program is unique as prepares the graduate to earn a degree as well prepare them to a life of leadership, service, and Faith. The caliber of graduates will be expected to compete with the top best in the world; it is not just focused on preparing them for the future but equips them to make a difference in the lives of others and the world at large. The first group of students to have been enrolled for the program graduated in 2017, and since then, the department has been producing professional pharmacists who have been able to take up various leadership roles in healthcare sectors and pharmaceutical industries in the country and abroad.

Course Details

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have met the minimum entry requirements for the pharmacy degree course in Kenya. These requirements include: a. KCSE System of Education 

Applicants must have obtained an average weight of B- provided that no subject in this cluster shall have a grade below C+.

Option A Option B
Chemistry Biological Sciences
Biology Physical Sciences
Maths/Physics Mathematics
English/Kiswahili English/Kiswahili

b. A-Level

A minimum of two principal passes in Biology and Chemistry and a subsidiary pass or credit pass at “O” level in Physics or Mathematics.

Biology Principal
Chemistry Principal
Physics/Mathematics Subsidiary
General paper Pass

c. Diploma in Biological Sciences

A minimum “O” level Division II KCE with credit in the following:

Option A Option B Option C
Biology Biology Biological Sciences
Chemistry Physics with Chemistry Physical sciences
Physics/Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics


A mean grade of C in KCSE with a minimum score of C plain in each of the cluster subjects above and a credit pass in the following qualifications from training institution recognized by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

Diploma holders in: Pharmaceutical Technology. Laboratory Technology. Clinical Medicine.

Radiology. Nursing. Public/Environment Health. Dental Sciences.

  1. Holders of degree in Biological Sciences or equivalent from a recognized University.
  2. The provisions of the PPB Credit Waiver Policy Guidelines shall apply.

This curriculum shall be administered in English. This means applicants from non-English speaking countries must sit and pass English assessment examination set and administered by institutions recognized by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board

Course Duration

The Bachelor of Pharmacy degree course shall cover a minimum of five academic years each consisting of at least 36 teaching weeks with a total of at least 5625 hours

How to Study

The program is offered on full time basis for a period of 5 years (each academic year consist of 3 trimesters).
Mode of delivery: Lectures, Directed reading, Tutorials, and Practical

Career Opportunities

The bachelor of pharmacy program is designed to prepare learners to become competent professionals in diverse fields that include pharmaceutical care, pharmaceutical industry, clinical settings, research institutions, academia, public health, regulatory affairs and health policy.

Course Structure and Modules

Required Courses

Optional Courses