Department of Health Systems Management
Meru (Main), Mombasa, Nairobi
Distance Learning, Full-Time, Part-Time
School of Medicine and Health Sciences
3 Years

Goal: The programme is customized for managers and executives in health care institutions. The program provides a broad view of issues and challenges of health care and health systems management in Africa, examines the possible and viable solutions of addressing these challenges competitively and in a sustainable manner. The programme also seeks to build a knowledge base on health systems design and management from an African perspective, while scaling up the best practices for improvement of quality of lives of populations.

Course Details

Admission Requirements

For admission into the above programme, a candidate must satisfy any of the following minimum requirements.


(i) Be a holder of Diploma in a health related discipline recognized by the


(ii) Be a holder of any other Diploma or equivalent qualifications recognized
by the University AND 2 years’ working experience in the health sector.


(iii) Be a holder of KSCE with mean grade of C+ or above or its equivalent and have at least the following specific course grades:
English/Kiswahili C+
Mathematics C+
Any one science subject C+
Any one humanities subject C+

How to Study

Offered as:
Fulltime: Nairobi Campus only
DLM: all campuses
Part time: Nairobi Campus only

Career Opportunities

• Clinical Manager
• Health Information Manager
• Healthcare Compliance Manager
• Healthcare Consultant
• Healthcare Financial Manager
• Healthcare Management Researcher
• Hospital Administrator
• Nursing home administrator
• Social and community service manager

Places of Employment

Career opportunities in various organizations: including
• Health facilities,
• Nursing homes
• Health organizations: Government organizations and non-governmental organizations
• Learning and research institutions: Colleges and Universities

Course Structure and Modules

Required Courses

Course CodeCourse NameTermCredit Hours
THEO 111Christian BeliefsTrimester-13
SOST 201Science, Society, & EthicsTrimester-13
COMP 100Computer ScienceTrimester-13
HSMU 114Scientific Techniques for Health Systems ManagersTrimester-13
HSMU 116Foundations of Health Systems ManagementTrimester-13
HSMU 125Management for Health System ManagersTrimester-23
HSMU 127Managerial PsychologyTrimester-23
HSMU 128Leadership for Health SystemsTrimester-23
HSMU 129Management Communication in Health SystemsTrimester-23
Math 130Basic StatisticsTrimester-23
HSMU 136Health Policy Development & PlanningTrimester-33
HSMU 137Epidemiology & Demography for Health Systems ManagementTrimester-33
HSMU 138Health Management Information SystemsTrimester-33
HSMU 139Fundamentals of Health EconomicsTrimester-33
HSCI 225HIV/AIDSTrimester-33
HSMU 211Fundamentals of Healthcare AccountingTrimester-43
HSMU 212Health Care FinancingTrimester-43
HSMU 213Health Risk & Insurance ManagementTrimester-43
HSMU 214Information Technology Resource Management for HealthTrimester-43
HSMU 215Healthcare EntrepreneurshipTrimester-43
HSMU 221Managing Community Health ServicesTrimester-53
HSMU 222Managing Healthcare OrganizationsTrimester-53
HSMU 223Healthcare Infrastructure ManagementTrimester-53
HSMU 224Health Workforce Management & DevelopmentTrimester-53
HSMU 225Health Care Law & EthicsTrimester-53
HSMU 231Management of District Health ServicesTrimester-63
HSMU 232Management of Commodities in a Healthcare SystemTrimester-63
HSMU 233Disaster Preparedness and ManagementTrimester-63
HSMU 234Fundamentals of Health Care MarketingTrimester-63
HSMU 235Health Systems Public Relations and Client ManagementTrimester-63
HSMU 311Leading Effective Organizational ChangeTrimester-73
HSMU 312Managing Healthcare QualityTrimester-73
HSMU 313Health Systems Research Methods ITrimester-73
HSMU 314Quantitative Methods for HealthTrimester-73
HSMU 315Planning and Management of Health Training InstitutionsTrimester-73
HSMU 321Fundamentals of Health Project ManagementTrimester-83
HSMU 322Results-Based Management in HealthcareTrimester-80
HSMU 323Health Systems Research IITrimester-83
HSMU 324Knowledge Translation for Health System DevelopmentTrimester-83
HSMU 325Health Systems Attachment ITrimester-83
HSMU 331Health Systems Journal DevelopmentTrimester-93
HSMU 332Health Systems SeminarTrimester-93
HSMU 333Health Systems Attachment IITrimester-99
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