Department of Health Systems Management
Meru (Main), Mombasa, Nairobi
Full-Time, Part-Time
School of Medicine and Health Sciences
3 Years

The goal of the PhD HSM programme is to produce the next generation of leaders in health systems. Graduates of the programme will have leadership competencies in the six areas of health systems strengthening, namely service delivery; health workforce; health information systems; medical products, vaccines and technologies; financing; and leadership and governance.

Course Details

Admission Requirements

The applicant shall be:

A holder of a Master’s degree of Kenya Methodist University or any other recognized institution, in a relevant area of study.


An equivalent qualification approved by the Senate.

The programme will have a total of 51 Credit Hours

Duration of Study

The duration of the Doctor of Philosophy in Health Systems Management programme shall extend over a period of not less than three academic years and up to a maximum of five years. Year one will focus on course work and Year Two and Three will focus on proposal development and research intervention and research thesis. The course work is compulsory

How to Study

Mode of learning: (full time and part time modes)

Career Opportunities

By the end of the PhD in Health Systems Management programme the graduate will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate leadership in the management of health systems.
  2. Appraise the main features of various health systems and the challenges facing these systems
  3. Conduct research in health systems management
  4. Demonstrate the ability to translate health systems research into policy and practice
  5. Develop health systems management policies and strategies

Places of Employment

Research and academia in research organizations and learning institutions. Work in governmental and non-governmental organization.

Course Structure and Modules

Required Courses

Course CodeCourse NameTermCredit Hours
HSMG 911Fundamentals of Health Systems ManagementTrimester-13
HSMG 912Governance and Leadership in HealthTrimester-13
HSMG 913Systems Approach to Universal CoverageTrimester-13
HSMG 914Seminar I: Contemporary Health System Issues, Challenges, and OpportunitiesTrimester-13
HSMG 921Health Systems Management IITrimester-23
HSMG 922Advanced Quantitative Health Research MethodsTrimester-23
HSMG 923Advanced Qualitative Health Research MethodsTrimester-23
HSMG 924Seminar II: Health Systems Research and Knowledge TranslationTrimester-23
HSMG 931Proposal Development and Research InterventionYear-212
HSMG 932Research Thesis development and interventionYear-315