Dr. Kezia Njoroge, PhD

Dr. Kezia Njoroge, Ph.D

The department of health Systems Management is a health-focused, research-rich department with a reputation for good customer service and academic quality. The department educates and trains students at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctorate levels to become excellent Health Systems managers and transformational leaders.

Health Systems Management education is aimed at developing learners’ competencies in strengthening health care systems. The HSM curriculum is structured in a way to enhances critical analysis of leadership, managerial, and governance practices for health systems strengthening. The postgraduate students acquire excellent research skills to conduct research that is responsive to the health systems’ needs and well-being.

Our students have background training in Public Administration, Business Administration & Management, Public Health, Environmental Health, Clinical Medicine, Pharmacy, Human Nutrition, Community Health, community care, hospital policy, hospital administration, and medical education, and related fields. Our graduates excel at management, policy, administration, and supervision of quality health services.

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