The Department of Human Anatomy at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, offers evidence based anatomy education to undergraduate students in their first and second years of studies in the following programs within the School of Medicine and Health Sciences:

  1. Bachelor of science in Medical laboratory sciences (BMLS)
  2. Bachelor of Nursing (BSN)
  3. Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPHARM)
  4. Bachelor of Clinical Medicine and Community Health. (BSCM)
  5. Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery (MBChB)

The department teaches all divisions of human anatomy (Gross Human anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Microscopic Anatomy, and Developmental anatomy), these we achieve with the help of our full time faculty members which are made up of Anatomist and clinician- anatomist. Teaching and research facilities within the department includes an ultra-modern gross anatomy laboratory where cadaveric dissection and demonstration takes place and a histology laboratory equipped with teaching and student microscopes for teaching and demonstration of microscopic anatomy.  As servicing department we ensure our students are well equipped with a robust knowledge of Human Anatomy that will be required in their clinical years of studies and in medical practice.